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At its most fundamental level, LIBRA is about the self-actualization of the individual and sustainability not only in the context of our environment but modern living. Modern living has put tremendous strains on our environment and the human being which are unsustainable. LIBRA is focused on creating goods and content that positively contribute to human and planetary well-being. 


At its most fundamental level, LIBRA is about the self-actualization of the individual and sustainability not only in the context of our environment but modern living. Modern living has put tremendous strains on our environment and the human being which are unsustainable. LIBRA is focused on creating goods and content that positively contribute to human and planetary well-being. 
Droughts, rising sea levels, volatile weather patterns, fires, and water scarcity caused by man made activities are the new normal set to get worse every year if we fail to act. Americans are more anxious, more depressed, and more lonely than ever before. We are drinking more alcohol than recent years, eating more processed foods, neglecting our relationships (familial, platonic, and romantic) to work more with little to no rest to recharge because our society is set up to make us slaves to the punishing capitalist machine without consideration to human wellbeing, and living lives that are against our best interests.
Who will save us? I think the wellness industry is best positioned to help us navigate the frenetic pace of modern existence because at its core it is about a proactive and holistic approach to live optimally, but only if it evolves.
The problem with the wellness industry is its misinformation, exclusivity, and commodification among other things. I want a wellness industry that welcomes all: men, women, and the 99%. I want a wellness industry that works hand in with the government to create policy thats centered around wellbeing. I want a wellness industry that begins in the early years to provide the youth with a strong foundation of wellness and extends to our twilight years.
This is why LIBRA is coming into existence. Because I do not see a wellness industry that is inclusive and exists beyond making profit. I do not see a wellness industry that embraces all. LIBRA enters the wellness industry creating a space not only for those who are looking for an alternative to the current wellness narrative but above all the modern Latino who is woefully underrepresented and comprises 20% of the U.S. population at 60M strong. LIBRA has come into existence not only because 20% of the U.S. population is underrepresented within the wellness industry while facing an obesity and mental health epidemic but equally important because Latinos in the U.S. emit as much carbon dioxide emissions as Mexico and Brazil combined annually due to their 60M strong population and $1.9 trillion purchasing power. LIBRA sees wellness and sustainability as a way to mobilize the 60M U.S. based Latinos. We provide accessible alternatives that cause a shift in consumer behavior and consumption habits to benefit self, planet, & give current generations a new and better way of living and future generations the hope they need. Per a Yale report that studies Latino attitudes on climate change, 75% of Latinos want corporations/industry, citizens, and government to do more to address global warming while 57% of Latinos are intending to buy products from companies actively taking steps to reduce global warming and 35% of Latinos are already rewarding companies who are doing their part to reduce the effects of global warming with their loyalty and dollar. Latinos are the consummate untapped conscious consumer that are waiting for alternatives to eat better, live better, and buy better. 
Though we exist to redefine the wellness narrative to make it more inclusive, LIBRA also aims to redefine the Latino narrative highlighting our culture in ways never before seen through product, food, and people. We can't wait to unveil products and content that honor our roots, give back to our community, and highlight the diversity of our culture both in perspective and backgrounds.
To begin our journey together, LIBRA's first product launch is a puzzle. Why? Because I want you to step back and refocus on what matters most if only for a couple of hours. I want to give you an excuse to reconnect with friends via puzzling, give you an excuse to visit your abuelitos (grandparents) or other family members with our puzzle in tow, or simply take time for yourself and do the puzzle alone. When brainstorming my first product, I wanted to be very intentional about what product to launch first. I wanted a product that was accessible, did good for humans and the planet, beautiful, and celebrated Latino culture. I landed on a puzzle because puzzles encourage the puzzler to self care, be present and offers a brief moment of quietude to recharge from the hectic pace of modern living. When done in groups of two or more, puzzles encourage community and connection breaking the loneliness so prevalent today.
Our puzzle is FSC-certified which in this case means that the paper used to manufacturer the puzzle came from a traceable supply chain from forests that were managed in an environmentally, socially, and legally responsible manner and done in collaboration with the lovely Eugenia Hernandez (@eugendibuja) from Buenos Aires, Argentina with the purpose to showcase Latino talent so desperately underrepresented in the modern puzzle landscape. Through the artwork created for LIBRA, Eugenia deftly weaved a message that can appeal to the Latino and non-Latino alike of slowing down to enjoy life's simply pleasures which in this case was a meal prepared with love and in good company. Taking it a step further, included in the puzzle is an artwork postcard that doubles as reference while completing the puzzle and builds gratitude. Once you complete the puzzle, reflect on the little or big acts of kindness that moved you or someone you know who needs to be reminded you care and they matter in the great cosmic scheme of life. Use the gratitude artwork postcard included to write them a little note of gratitude or encouragement. Last but not least, because planetary wellbeing is an integral pillar at LIBRA and with every product created our planet and community will be key stakeholders in the development process, for every puzzle purchased LIBRA will plant a tree through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects
LIBRA is launching at the beginning of a pivotal decade for our planet targeting a demographic that is ready and waiting to be engaged to do their part in the fight against global warming. I, as the founder, pledge to use LIBRA as a vehicle to mobilize the 60M U.S. Latinos to mitigate the effects of our climate crisis through vigorously promoting sustainable living and creating sustainably made products whenever possible. LIBRA will unite with all stakeholders championing the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to create a better world by 2030.
It's my hope that in LIBRA you find a respite from modern living and feel more connected to yourself, one another, and the planet. I'm so excited for what's to come and hope this is a new beginning of a more sustainable existence for human beings and our planet. I hope LIBRA helps you live more abundantly and you join me on the journey to build this company and a better tomorrow as my equal.
- Jordana Roman


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